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I wanted to learn from the best and Lorraine is exactly that.

Rose R.

Certified Professional Coach

Coach School has made me a better leader as well as a coach.

Veronica A.

Certified Professional Coach

Coach School offers the highest quality education, accreditation and mentoring for ambitious professionals seeking a life coach career, to elevate their current careers and empower their lives through the art of coaching. 


We believe that the power of quality coaching training leads to the success and fulfillment of our graduates’ clients.  That’s an outcome we can all get excited about!


In an unregulated industry, we know that any old coaching training is easily found. So what makes Coach School different?


You can trust us to deliver exceptional quality accredited coach training programs with authenticity and integrity.

It’s that simple.

This is the right way to become a certified life coach. The rest is up to you. 


  • ICF-Accredited, world-class training to become a Certified Professional Coach or to gain a Coaching Skills Diploma
  • Support and mentoring at any stage of your coaching training journey
  • Supported, self-directed online learning at your pace with 1:1 support when you need it
  • Tangible skills and resources to put your training into practice immediately

ICF-Accredited Professional Coach Training

Invest in a career as a Life and Business Coach with the training and mentoring of one of our highly experienced Legendary Leaders

Coaching skills DIPLOMA

Harness the core skills of Professional Coaching to elevate your current career as a leader or consultant

coach mentoring

Specialised support for your journey to Professional Life Coach Accreditation or to develop your skills for your current business

Useful resources

10 Questions to ask your coach training provider before you enrol

Not all coach training programmes are equal.  Make sure you know what you are getting (and not getting) before you make your decision.

How much does a coach earn?

Discover the answer to this and more common questions in our FREE video series.


  • What is Life Coaching?
  • How Much Can A Coach Earn?
  • How To Become A Masterful Coach
  • 4 Common Fears That Stop Coaches
  • 3 Secrets You Need To Be Successful

How to manage stress in uncertain times

Watch this FREE on-demand presentation and learn

  • Why We All Act Differently In Stressful Situations
  • Take The Power Back From Your Stress Emotion
  • How To Identify Your Unique Stress Pattern Earlier



ready to make a living from making a difference?

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Life Coaching is Win / Win

Take control of your life and contact Lorraine today to begin your journey to become a legendary leader and an inspirational accredited life coach.

Want to be a Certified Life Coach?

Take control of your life and contact Lorraine today to begin your journey to become a legendary leader and an inspirational accredited life coach.

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Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.  


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