About Coach School

We abide by the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct. As an Accredited Training Provider by the International Coach Federation we are required to submit quarterly feedback to ensure that our accredited training program retains its status.

This means that we are 100% committed to providing world class training, mentoring and coaching to coaches at any point in their journey.

Why Choose Coach School?

– ongoing support for as long as you need to grow

– get the why behind the how

real skills in coaching, not just a methodology to follow

no hidden upsells, you get what you need to be a masterful and successful coach

Our Educators are all practising coaches in their own right and continue to walk their talk.

With so many different training providers to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right fit before you make a significant time and financial commitment.  That’s why we will take time with you to ensure that Coach School is the right fit for you.

With Coach School training you will get in depth knowledge and training in the techniques you are learning.  We know that there are other schools that only provide a surface level training.  Here you get the why behind the how and work with real coaches who make a living from their coaching skills.

The Journey Of A Successful Coach

There are a number of stages that coaches will go through on their journey to become both masterful and successful.

Initially they will be curious, or coaching in an amateur capacity and are keen to learn more about coaching.

In the next stage, you may have decided to formalise your learning and skills, and are embarking on an exciting adventure of coach certification.

When you are training to become a coach, you will also become a client so that you can fully experience the power of the transformation you will be making for your own clients.

By the next stage, people are paying you for your skill in changing their lives, and you can’t quite believe you get to make a living this way. (At Coach School our students experience this long before they have completed their certification.)

Mastery can mean different things to different people, but commonly looks like you are an expert in your field, have a waiting list and are being quoted regularly. You are looking at leveraged ways to increase your impact.

Wherever you are in your journey, Coach School can help.


5 Steps To Becoming A Coach

At Coach School we provide all 5 steps to our student and can help coaches at any point in their journey to fill any gaps they might have.

Step One – Skills

The core skills that you need to bring to every coaching session and every client. This is what sets you apart from consultants, mentors and counsellors

Step Two – Models

The tools of your trade and what give you consistency in your coaching and your results

Step Three – Feedback

There is no substitute for practice and feedback to improve your technical skills and show you ways to be even better

Step Four – Earning

Earning while you learn is a crucial component to hitting the ground running and making a living from your coaching

Step Five – Positioning

Claim your rightful place as a masterful coach and attract the best clients from the start

At Coach School we give you everything you need to become a Masterful and Successful Coach

Coach School cares! About our students and our clients.

We hear so many stories of students being pressured into trainings and programs that aren’t a great fit. Or worse, that they complete a training and still feel ill-equipped to make a living from their coaching.

Coach School is run by long time coach Lorraine Hamilton. She knows what it takes, and supports her clients and students to make a living from making a difference without all the hype that promises the world and fails to deliver for most.

At Coach School you’ll get the support you need regardless of your stage in your coaching journey.

From fully ICF accredited certification through business mentoring to supervision, Coach School is the place you can trust to grow your coaching practice and business.

Our Educators

Lorraine Hamilton – Coach Trainer

Lorraine is on a mission to educate prospective coach students so that they can enter their new, rewarding career with their eyes wide open.

Lorraine’s coaching career is long and varied; experiencing success in the life, health, business and corporate coaching arenas.

That well-rounded experience, coupled with the track record of learning and implementing what it really takes to build a successful coaching practice have equipped her to be able to share her skills and knowledge with her students.

With an array of modalities to choose from, Lorraine is uniquely placed to assist you in your goal of becoming a masterful coach.

She is an multi-award winner, receiving recognition for both her entrepreneurial skills as well as her development of outstanding company culture, using her core foundational coaching skills.

She is the author of Thin[K] Program: The Smart Woman’s Guide To Effortless Weightloss, and a returning guest trainer at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat in New Zealand and has been featured in a number of media outlets including being the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

Lorraine took on Coach School after becoming heartbroken and angry after talking with many newly qualified coaches who had spent their savings on trainings that did not deliver the confidence and skills required to make a living from coaching.

Barbara Nixon – Coach Trainer

Barbara Nixon has more than a decade of experience in Executive Coaching and has worked with hundreds of clients to develop outstanding leaders.

Barbara shares Coach School’s philosophy and works to support students and coaches in their mindset for success and mastery.

Terri Hase – Mentor Coach

Terri has a wealth of experience in coaching and coach education and serves as an ICF accredited mentor coach at Coach School. Terri supports students who wish to gain their ICF credential by fulfilling the required mentor coaching program for the ACC and PCC credential. Terri is currently an PCC credentialed coach and will be attaining her MCC master credential in 2019.

Behind The Scenes

Nicola Connor – Business Manager

Nicola is the Coach School business manager with a wealth of experience in administration and a background in finance. She keeps the back office moving smoothly and is always happy to answer queries on membership and payments.

Everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach.

Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.  


Kapiti Coast, New Zealand