Certified Professional Coach

ICF Accredited ACSTH full coach training

Are You Ready To Become A Masterful & Successful Coach?

International Coach Federation accredited Certified Professional Coach Certification

Coach School’s Certified Professional Coach certification is unlike any other coach training program as it operates as a mentorship more than a training course. Rather than being part of a large class, you will have individualised attention as you learn your new craft.

Coach School is here to give you all the tools, frameworks and skills you need to be a successful coach, and the freedom and flexibility to develop your own coaching style.  You’ll get fill in the blanks templates to build your coaching business in half the time, and with twice the confidence.  You’ll have the space to be unique, in fact we encourage it.

Coach School is a world class and globally recognised, coach skills training provider and business incubator that gives you the confidence to say, ‘I’m a coach’ and mean it.


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Key Features:

  • Unprecedented 1:1 support and mentoring
  • Tailored to your specific coaching vision
  • Fully accredited with the International Coach Federation
  • Teaching multiple coaching models and approaches, not just one-size-fits-all
  • Real world application of your knowledge and skills
  • Help to build your coaching business
  • Earn while you learn
  • World class coach skills training

Achieve Coaching Mastery

What That Means For You:

  • Confidence and competency
  • An authentic coaching business that feels aligned
  • Comfort that your training is world class
  • Depth and breadth of knowledge
  • Faster credibility
  • Less time spent making costly mistakes
  • Offset your fees before you have certified
  • Get deeper and more impactful results for your clients

Become Successful Faster


Click the APPLY HERE button to be directed to a form where you can tell us more about you.  You will then have the opportunity to book a no-obligation call where we will answer all of your questions about Coach School.

The skills I learned in Coach School, together with Lorraine’s guidance and mentoring, quickly led to enrolling clients at premium rates.

Susan Telford

Transformational Life Coach

The Journey To Becoming A Masterful and Successful Coach

The journey of a masterful and successful coach begins with a sense of curiosity that leads all the way to becoming a sought after expert in your field. Coach School assists students every step of the way.

Curiosity/Amateur You’re either coaching in another role, or are keen to learn more about coaching

Desire/Student You have decided to formalize your learning and skills and are embarking on an exciting adventure of coach certification.

Familiarity/Client Without experiencing coaching, you cannot appreciate its power. At this point you are both coach and client.

Proficiency/Coach People are paying you to change their lives and you can’t quite believe you get to make a living this way.

Master You are an expert in your field, have a waiting list, and are quoted regularly. You are looking at leveraged ways to increase your impact.

There are 5 Steps to becoming both Masterful and Successful:

Step One – The core skills that you need to bring to every coaching session and every client.  This is what sets you apart from consultants, mentors and counsellors.

Step Two – The tools of your trade and what gives you consistency in your coaching and your results.

Step Three – There is no substitute for practice and feedback to improve your technical skills and show you ways to be even better.

Step Four – Earning while you learn is a crucial component to hitting the ground running and making a living from your coaching.

Step Five – Claim your rightful place as a masterful coach and attract the best clients from the start

Coach School provides the necessary training and support to ensure that they are not only confident coaches, but are making money from their skills, even before they are certified.

What You Will Learn

Level 1 – Familiarity

Module 1 Intro to Coaching

You’ll learn exactly what coaching is & what you can expect from your coaching career & the different coaching niches so that you can set your career direction right from the beginning of Coach School.

Module 2 Values and Cultural Beliefs

You’ll learn not just about your client’s core values & cultural beliefs, but about suspending your own judgment & putting aside your own values and beliefs so you can be of best service to your client. This will help you show up differently for clients with different values & cultural beliefs.

Module 3 Building Rapport

How to create a safe space for the coaching relationship so that your client can be vulnerable & you can challenge their beliefs in the right way. This is your key to coaching success.

Module 4 Effective Communication

Coaching is all about communication. This week, you’ll discover the power of active listening, powerful questioning & direct communication to help you create the awareness that your client needs to make change.

Level 2 – Proficiency

Module 5 Advanced Coaching Techniques 1

Limiting self talk patterns & create more positive self talk. These skills will help you push your clients beyond their comfort zones.

Module 6 Advanced Coaching Techniques 2

This is about powerful reframes that can completely change your client’s life. You’ll discover the secrets to creating the actions that will support your client’s change in beliefs.

Module 7 Exploring Coaching Models

We’ll explore 4 different coaching models so that you can discover which coaching model is a good fit for you. There’s no one size fits all coaching model, so you’ll develop your own unique coaching style.

Module 8 Transformational Coaching

Transformation coaching is designed for high performers. This is especially helpful if you want to do corporate coaching.

Level 3 – Mastery

Module 9 Solutions Focused Coaching

This approach is particularly powerful for clients who are struggling to make any progress, and may have suffered significant trauma. You’ll discover ‘The Miracle Question’ and take your questioning skills to the next level to create change for your client.

Module 10 Cognitive Focused Coaching

At the heart of us all are our core beliefs. They are how we know how to interact with the world around us. But what if we want to interact differently? In this module you will learn how to identify and understand your clients’ core beliefs, and how to change them, so that they can make the change they crave.

Module 11 Rational Emotional Behavioural Coaching

This is about understanding the difference between practical and emotional problems. You’ll also learn the ABC DEF model to understand triggers and responses.

Module 12 Neuro Linguistic Programming

An introduction to some of the most useful models within NLP including chunking for goal attainment and conflict resolution, as well as more powerful reframes.


Coach School has helped me reflect on my own journey as well as nurturing others.

Carly Thompson-Barry

Business Nurturer

What You Get

6 or 12 One-to-One Mentoring Sessions

Self study can be hard. That’s why you get unprecedented support in the form of individual coaching and mentoring throughout the first 6 months of your coaching journey.



Live Office Hours Calls

Twice a month, there will be a live coaching call to give you an opportunity to have your questions answered.


Lifetime Access to your Study Materials

Coach School is housed on a robust platform and with your enrolment you will access your own learning portal where you will be able to review your training materials at your leisure, as well as receive individualised feedback on your coursework, plus any future additional material and bonuses. You will continue to have access to this for the lifetime of the course.

Certificates of Completion for Each Module

It’s great to be recognised on your way to greatness, and so with completion of each Coach School module, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Personal Feedback to Improve Your Coaching Sessions

You will record two 30 minute coaching calls which will then be submitted to our mentor for review. You will receive priceless feedback from your mentor and fellow students through this ICF recognised mentoring programme.


A Safe Space to Practice Your Coaching

Before you jump into coaching paying clients, you’ll have the opportunity to coach & be coached in a safe space.



You have accountability built right into Coach School. Use your regular mentoring to ensure that you are reaching your own goals.


Ability To Apply For ICF Credential

Successful completion of Coach School allows you to apply for globally recognised International Coach Federation certification through the Approved Coach Specific Hours Path.  Conditions apply.  (Coach School is accredited for 82 hours of study.)




Click the APPLY HERE button to be directed to a form where you can tell us more about you.  You will then have the opportunity to book a no-obligation call where we will answer all of your questions about Coach School.

It would have taken me weeks or months to get the kind of results I am getting in one session now..

Mina Sedgman

Business Coach and Mentor


When you join Coach School’s Certified Professional Coach program, you also get these bonuses and more:


Bonus #1: Discovery Call Template / System

You’ve put so much effort into getting potential clients on the phone with you. Now, you don’t have to stress about what to say during the call. With this Discovery Call Template, you’ll know exactly what to say & when so that they want to sign up for your paid coaching program.

Bonus #2: Coaching Agreement Template

You’ve had a successful discovery call and now you have a new client. This Coaching Agreement Template will make sure that both parties are clear on the expectations, and your coaching sessions are set up for success from the very beginning.

Bonus #3: Initial Client Questionnaire

It’s time to make sure your sessions get the best results for your coaching clients. These questions will help you get background information from your client before the first session to help make the session efficient & super beneficial for your prospects.

Bonus #4: Follow Up Client Questionnaire

These questions will make sure all your coaching sessions maintain the momentum & continue to get results all throughout your coaching program.

Bonus #5: Testimonial Template

Testimonials and social proof are a powerful way to help prospective clients see the value you bring.  But not all testimonials are equal.  This guide and template will ensure you get the best from every single testimonial.

Bonus #6: Private Facebook Community

This private group is our Coach School homeroom. It’s a safe space for you to ask questions, share your successes & learn from each other. Stop by to get some inspiration & support from fellow coaches beginning their coaching career, just like you.

Bonus #7: SWITCH Coaching System

Created by the lead trainer and CEO of Coach School, the SWITCH Coaching System is your go-to coaching framework for every single session that you conduct. It’s the result of over 13 years in the coaching industry and you will get training and a session guide to use in every single session.


Your step-by-step guide to the first 4-6 sessions with a new client. It’s a coaching program in a box. What to say, what homework to give, what to remember, it’s all in here for you.

Bonus #9:  Guest Expert Vault

Access to recordings of past Guest Expert sessions on topics that will enhance your coaching business and practice and invitations to join LIVE calls in the future.


Click the APPLY HERE button to be directed to a form where you can tell us more about you.  You will then have the opportunity to book a no-obligation call where we will answer all of your questions about Coach School.

Your Trainer

Lorraine Hamilton


Lorraine is on a mission to educate prospective coach students so that they can enter their new, rewarding career with their eyes wide open.


Lorraine’s coaching career is long and varied; experiencing success in the life, health, business and corporate coaching arenas.

That well-rounded experience, coupled with the track record of learning and implementing what it really takes to build a successful coaching practice have equipped her to be able to share her skills and knowledge with her students.

With an array of modalities to choose from, Lorraine is uniquely placed to assist you in your goal of becoming a masterful coach.

She is an multi-award winner, receiving recognition for both her entrepreneurial skills as well as her development of outstanding company culture, using her core foundational coaching skills.

She is the author of Thin[K] Program: The Smart Woman’s Guide To Effortless Weightloss, and a returning guest trainer at the Foundations of Healthy Living Retreat in New Zealand and has been featured in a number of media outlets including being the resident coach at ROOOAR Magazine.

Lorraine took on Coach School after becoming heartbroken and angry after talking with many newly qualified coaches who had spent their savings on trainings that did not deliver the confidence and skills required to make a living from coaching.


“I have 2 clients complete their 3 month paid programs this week.

One had the best month he has ever had in his business last month.  Wooooo Hoooo!!!”

“Weoooo! One of my market research women has decided to sign up for 6 sessions with me!

My first paying client, annnnd she’s going to recommend a friend! Yayyyy!”


“My pro bono client wants to continue working with me and is going to pay…yay!!!”

“Wahoo…it’s official, my first client has paid the full amount for 6 sessions!! My new career has truly begun!!”


Get started on your new career from as little as $540.


Coach School is the place to get everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach.


We offer payment plans starting at $695 for 12 months, or pay in full for just $8000.   All prices are in USD.


Click the APPLY HERE button to be directed to a form where you can tell us more about you.  You will then have the opportunity to book a no-obligation call where we will answer all of your questions about Coach School.

I wanted to learn from the best and Lorraine is just that!  I’ve been recommending Coach School to everyone.

Rose Kirby

Women's Empowerment Coach


I’m so excited to continue this journey I’m on with you and I’m grateful that I managed to find your school on the  ICF website. Out of all the schools I researched and interviewed, you were the only one I felt answered all of my questions honestly and patiently without trying to force me into your school. You were the only one willing to work with me on financial constraints and and schedule constraints and made me feel like a person rather than just another number. So thank you! “


“Self paced, pick up any time, one on one time, group calls, great class mates that have become friends and your wisdom Lorraine”


“The personalised attention from you, Lorraine. The support and friendship from other students, the breadth of coaching modalities covered and the encouragement and freedom to learn at our own pace, develop our skills with clients from the very beginning in order to find our own style of coaching.”


“I love how it’s self paced and no pressure to be at a certain pace
It wouldn’t be the same with out you Lorraine- you are coach school – I joined because of you and I learn so much from you – your personality and knowledge is the edge you have compared to anyone or any other coaching thing! “


“The personalised attention, the real world experience and YOU Lorraine! I only signed up because of you xx”


“the one to one support you provide is unlike anything I have experienced in any other course, the fact you can complete the course as fast or as slow as you like, the personalised feedback on actual coaching calls is amazing and really does help you be a better coach moving forward, also the other opportunities that you actively seek out for all your students to help us get experience is fantastic and something I have never received on another course! “


“For me, there are a couple of things that Coach School
Offers that stands above the rest:
1. The 1:1 sessions are amazing, i come away with answers, direction and goals…and it doesn’t stop there, Lorraine Hamilton goes above and beyond ensuring emails are responded to and any additional info/resources is shared. And as I have said above, Lorraine makes you feel special
And genuinely wants to see you succeed.
2. The modules are amazing, extremely informative, so much knowledge shared and the exercises really help you to understand the learnings… and finally the feedback given once modules are completed is great…”


“You make the program what it is. Additionally, the fact that we’re a small group also makes it easier to connect and support each other’s effort.”


” The personalized support is invaluable. Lorraine, you have a way of making each person feel like they are your only student and that you are invested in their success.
Also, the group of ladies in Coach School are amazing! I always feel heard, supported, and encouraged.
I couldn’t ask for a better program or a better group to experience this journey with”


“The personalised 1:1 support and mentoring. You don’t feel like just another number in a huge class of people. And how it’s self paced so you can go as quick or slow as you want :))”


“”I don’t know any other schools, so can’t compare. But in all honesty, I choose businesses because of the people involved. Having go to know you over the past few years, I could see that you know your stuff, that we are aligned in our view of the world and that want the best for the industry. Plus, as you know, I think the ‘earn while you learn’ is a great tagline!!”


Coach School is not a marketing machine. I have no desire to lock students into something that is not a great fit.

It does not serve you, nor me, nor the coaching industry and my vision for Coach School.

That is why Coach School enrollment is by application only.  After your initial application you may be invited to an informal interview to have all of your questions answered, and to see if Coach School is the right fit for you.

It is natural however for some students to realise once they have embarked on a path of study that it is not the right one for them.

That is why I am offering a 14 day Money Back Guarantee, from enrollment date.

You will receive the first 2 modules of content, plus be able to attend an Office Hours call and 1:1 mentoring session to see if Coach School is the right fit for you.

(Refund requests will be processed between week 1 and 3, and will be subject to a $200 USD admin fee. Please make your selection carefully, and ask all necessary questions during your interview BEFORE signing up.)


There are other options to Coach School.

You can muddle through on your own, or with the help of videos and books.  You might even hire your own coach and try and replicate what they do in your work together.


  • How many client breakdowns are you going to have to manage on your own before you feel confident to deal with whatever is in front of you?
  • How many hours are you going to spend poring over YouTube and textbooks before you find the coaching style that is right for you?
  • How many hours of free coaching are you going to give away while you serve out your self-imposed internship?


Imagine if you could save a significant chunk of that time…

Isn’t it time to find the coach training that treats you like an individual?

We know you have questions, that’s why we want to talk to you before you take the leap into a significant time and financial commitment.

Click the button and tell us a bit more about you. Then schedule your no-obligation call with international coach trainer Lorraine Hamilton, and get your coaching career off to a flying start.

Everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach. Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.




Kapiti Coast, New Zealand