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Whether you need supervision hours for your ICF credential or help to grow your coaching practice, we're here to help

The biggest mistake we see coaches making is wanting to help at the expense of their own wellbeing. The people who make the best coaches want to give back and help people but that doesn’t pay the mortgage or the bills.

Whilst there are plenty of ‘gurus’ online who will tell you that you need this formula, or that whiz-bang product to make money from your coaching, here at Coach School we know what it really takes… because we have done it.

The truth is that after working with hundreds of coaches, there is no one-size-fits-all magic bullet or formula, but one thing is certain. You will not be able to help as many people as you can if you don’t put yourself first.

There is a huge mindset component in moving from not charging (or charging very little) for your life-changing skills, to building a successful coaching practice.

Just as your clients are unique, so are you.

That’s why we can help you to discover your own recipe for success, but you need to be ready to try, test, tweak, optimise and try again – with our support.

Then we will work to find the ideal client for you based on your goals and circumstances.


With your dedication and our guidance and support, you WILL succeed.

Above the Noise
Mindset & Messaging Course

Fill in the blanks worksheets and video trainings to help you discover your ideal client and learn how to talk about your coaching online and offline

Ready to have a coach mentor in your back pocket for the medium to long term? Side-by-Side coach mentoring is for you.

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