Side By Side Coach Mentoring

If you have ‘course fatigue’ and are ready to really up your coaching practice and business then you are in the right place.

You’ve bought the courses, watched the videos, read the books but there’s still something stopping you from being the successful coach that you know you can be.

What the online ‘gurus’ aren’t telling you though, is that there is no magic bullet or secret formula to coaching business success. You need to find your own ‘secret sauce’.


Follow not in the footsteps of the masters, seek what they sought.


At Coach School we understand that you need to have a clear foundation and reason for your success before we go anywhere near tactics.

That’s why one coach may get outstanding results following a program, while another does not.

And the problem with that is, as coaches, we are more likely to question ourselves as being a ‘failure’, rather than question the course or program as not addressing the uniqueness of our proposition.

The fluid nature of coaching makes it inherently difficult to pin down to results, and therefore makes it hard to follow the traditional business building advice.

Another challenge that coaches have is that, for the most part, they operate in isolation. Without regular feedback it can also be easy to fall into bad habits, or blame themselves when client results do not meet expectations.

Side-by-Side coaching and mentoring is the answer to all of that and more.

Having a skilled and experienced coach and mentor in your back pocket means that you have the space to grow your coaching business in the right, and unique, way for you, or get feedback on client challenges and coaching practice.


What you get:

Two sessions a month to brainstorm, explore, talk, ask questions – whatever you need when you need it.

This is true coaching and mentoring – the perfect blend of support for your coaching business.

As the name suggests, in Side-by-Side, we will walk alongside you as you navigate your own unique path to coaching business success.

We will expertly and gently hold a mirror up to you when you get in your own way.

But what you are really getting is an uplevel in your mindset, your skills and your coaching business.

About Your Coach

Hi, I’m Lorraine Hamilton and I have spent 15 years figuring out what it really takes to make a living from making a difference, and helping other coaches to do it too.

I love working with coaches and giving them a space to grow their practice and their business. More and more, coaches are seeking me out to work with them privately as they recognise that they need more than just another course.

Working with me privately saves you time and the constant second-guessing that comes from working in isolation. Ready to chat?

How it works:

With Side-By-Side you are in charge all the way. This coaching is free flowing and is exactly what you need, when you need it.

You can expect me to off load the noise in your head, work with you to get a handle on where you are at with everything and THEN provide a space for you to unpack things, get curious and playful and move forward with determination.

The Process:

First we get on a short call to explore what’s really going on for you and whether or not we are a good match.

I do not hard sell, it does not serve you, or me. You will never get on a call with me and be pressured to buy.

Assuming that we both want to pursue working together, we will design your perfect Side-By-Side plan together.

Typically this will look like a period of intensive work at the start, and you’ll go through the same process that I take with all of my coaching clients for the first 3 sessions to become crystal clear on your path. Then we will design exactly what you need in terms of direction, feedback or accountability to ensure your ongoing growth and success.

Past clients have worked with me for a period of 3 months to more than 2 years.

You are always in control.

You can expect:

  • support and guidance
  • a safe place to share concerns and client issues
  • someone to ask the tough questions
  • tools to identify when you are holding yourself back
  • how to know what’s really true, and when you are getting in your own way
  • strategies and tools to move through blocks safely and peacefully
  • feedback and accountability
  • progress towards your goals


This is a valuable program due to the intensive 1:1 component, and I have limited capacity to take on new clients.

Your investment is dependent on the program that we design. You should budget $1000USD per month for this level of support, with a minimum 3 month commitment to see real results.


Side-by-Side is different to many programs as there is no set curriculum. We work with whatever you bring to the session. You can expect me to explore areas where you might be holding yourself back, and we will clear any blocks that you may hold. Or, we might reframe a situation that is stopping you from making progress. Alternatively, I might share a technique with you that you can use whenever you get stuck in the future.

It really is, what you need, when you need it.


If you are considering Side-by-Side I suspect you already know the answer to this question. You have recognised that your actions are not lining up with your dreams for your coaching business, and that you suspect that you are getting in your own way, or that you need more than just another course.

You recognise that external results come from doing inner work and that is something that is challenging to do by yourself.

By employing an external professional to take care of your mindset, you recognise that you will reach your goals faster, be more confident in your decision making, and take greater leaps into the unknown, safely.

Side-by-Side is also perfect for you to get an objective view on your coaching skills and operations within your coaching practice. It gives you a safe space to explore best practice and what will really work for you.

This will result in increased confidence in your coaching and coaching business.


Payment for Side-by-Side is on an ongoing monthly basis. We will work together for a minimum of 3 months, and after that you may cancel at any time. (If you are not ready for a 3 month commitment you may wish to consider our one off Feedback & Advice sessions.)

I want to ensure that you get the best from Side-by-Side and in order to ensure that it is the best fit possible, enrollment is via invitation after an initial call with me. This is the best way to ensure that you do not waste any time or money on a program that is not the right fit for you.

If you are in any doubt after speaking with me it is probably best not to enrol.

No guarantees can be made for this type of coaching, however a promise of best intentions to serve is always in place and expected from clients also.



For Side-by-Side to get the very best results, we need to be a perfect fit. And all potential partnerships begin with a call to see if we connect on a level that will translate into amazing work.

Book a complimentary no-obligation Information Call here.

Everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach.

Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.  

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