I Want A Coach Supervisor

Thank you for being a part of this industry. Being a coach is so rewarding, but it is also a lifelong learning journey.

Mastery is not something to be reached or achieved, but a vision to use to draw us to serve our clients better.

Mentoring and feedback are critical elements of this personal and professional growth.

Only the best coaches constantly seek scrutiny and feedback on their skills, therefore if you are here, we believe that you are already one of the best (or on your way to becoming one of the best.)

Coach School provides Mentoring and one-off Feedback and Advice sessions to coaches who want to make sure that they are operating in line with ICF’s code of ethics and core competencies.

We know you’re good, let’s make you GREAT.

A blend of feedback, mentoring and coaching, just for you.  We will design a program that ensures that you are becoming more masterful and successful with every month.  What you need, when you need it.

One off Feedback and Advice Session

The very best coaches seek feedback on their skills.  In this one-off session you will receive comprehensive feedback on your coaching skills in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. You’ll gain confidence, direction and some additional approaches to take in your coaching sessions, ensuring a much deeper experience for your clients.

Not sure which is the right best next step for you? Let’s unravel it together. 

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Everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach.

Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.  


Kapiti Coast, New Zealand