Feedback And Advice Session

As coaches we spend a large portion of our time working in isolation. So how do we know if our coaching is still of a high standard and quality?

Many training providers do not offer ongoing assessment and feedback and we know that to be the best coach we can be, regular supervision and feedback is essential.  Only the very best coaches seek out this type of service, so if you are considering it, then you are already head and shoulders above most.

Getting feedback on your coaching style gives you additional perspectives that enhance your client results.

As the coaching industry is still not formally regulated there is a wide spectrum of skills and experience in the marketplace.  At Coach School we strive to abide to best practices and ensure that every client that meets with a coach is safe and in good hands.  We also know that with an industry the size of ours, that this is impossible, however we are doing our part by offering a place for coaches from other walks of life, and other training providers, to receive a new perspective to build their confidence and competence in their craft.


The best coaches are constantly learning


After speaking with a number of coaches who felt that their confidence and competency were not at a level to allow them to make a living from their coaching, owner of Coach School Lorraine Hamilton, recognised a need for coaches to have a safe space to get the feedback they need to become more confident and competent in their craft.

These one-off Feedback and Advice Sessions are perfect for coaches who have either not had any formal coach training, or those who would love some insights from a trained and experienced coach.


Who Is This For?

This is for you if you:

  • are a brand new coach
  • have been coaching for a while but suspect you could be better
  • have never had any formal coach training
  • want to be the best coach you can be
  • suspect that there is something missing in your coaching sessions
  • want to get deeper results for your clients
  • need some confidence in your competency
  • are not ready for a medium to long term mentor coach

This is probably not for you if:

  • you are already at PCC or MCC level
  • you want a medium to long term coach mentor (check out Side-By-Side Coach Mentoring instead)
  • are not open to constructive and supportive feedback

You can expect:

  • detailed feedback based on the International Coach Federation’s 11 Core Competencies (ACC level)
  • advice and guidance where appropriate
  • an opportunity to ask questions and get clarification
  • an objective perspective
  • support and encouragement

How it works:

  1. Gain permission from a client to record a coaching session for the purposes of supervision
  2. Record a coaching session of no longer than 45 mins
  3. Click the button below to be taken to a form. Tell us a bit about the session and submit the link
  4. You will then be directed to a payment page to lock in your Feedback and Advice Session
  5. We will receive your session and schedule its review.
  6. We will inform you when it will be reviewed and send you a link to book a 60 minute 1:1 session to receive feedback
  7. We will provide a recording of the Feedback Session and a PDF of the notes associated with the provided coaching session


The investment for one Feedback and Advice Session is $500USD.  This includes the review, assessment, 60 minute feedback call, recording and PDF of notes.


We can certainly help with payment plans for this service.  Please reach out to discuss options


Refunds will not be processed once your submitted session has been scheduled for review.  If you have any concerns about this service, please email or book a complimentary Information Call BEFORE purchasing.  Thank you for your cooperation.



We want what’s best for you, and for your clients.  At Coach School we recognise that not all coaches and mentors are the perfect fit. That’s why we are always happy to have a chat before embarking on any service.

Book a complimentary no-obligation Information Call here.


The investment for one Feedback and Advice Session is $500.  This includes the review, assessment, 60 minute feedback call, recording and PDF of notes.

Everything you need to become a masterful and successful coach.

Coach School is an ICF Accredited Coach Training Provider.  

Kapiti Coast, New Zealand