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How Likely Am I To Get A Return On My Course Fees?

If you are a coach, or are considering becoming a coach then you are probably aware that coaching is a partnership. The coach is only as good as their client’s commitment to change.

It is similar in trying to answer this question. Everyone’s situation and opportunity is different. We have some students who have created a loyal following prior to starting their training, and have made back their course investment before they have even completed the course. And we have other students who are still exploring and tweaking their offerings and ideal client for a number of months. These students take a little longer to make their investment back.

Reputation and word of mouth are king.

By far the best way to get a return on your investment in becoming a masterful coach is to build a referral rich reputation.

I reverse engineered what it takes to create a reputation that results in clients who readily refer, get results and sometimes even write me songs as testimonials… (It’s true – you can see a client testimonial/song I received here)

There are three main themes to consider when you are building a reputation for getting great results with your clients.

Confidence – you need to be able to create a safe environment for your client to reach the best results they can. They need to feel confident in you, so you need to feel confident in you.

Clarity – it takes you getting exceptionally clear about who are the very BEST clients for you and your business. Who are the people who will get the best results from your work and approach, and will they refer more amazing clients to you?

Empathy – genuine connection and authenticity come from really getting to know those clients well.

Let’s look at the intersection of these themes…

You know exactly who you are talking to and where in the market your offer fits.

You can make a powerful invitation to work together when you can demonstrate your deep understanding of their challenges.

When you claim your genuis and marry it with empathy for your client, you can confidently say, ‘I see you, I know what scares you the most, and I can help.’

When you understand how these themes and their intersections are connected, you can begin to really build a business filled with clients that you love, and who love you back.
When they love you back, and refer their friends and colleagues to you, that is when you have cultivated a Referral Rich Reputation.

And there is no funnel in sight.

Let me be clear, there is a place for automation in your business, and there is also a time where introduction of tiered offers becomes not only effective, but necessary.
I encourage you to think carefully though, about when that is for you.

If you are just starting out, and need to build your confidence and bank balance, then build your referral rich reputation first, before leveraging your delivery.

I’m thrilled to see more people questioning the up-sell funnel model, especially when they are beginning.


At Coach School we provide the Skills, Strategy and Mindset required to create a Referral Rich Reputation, and we’re here to support you along the way.

As one of our students said,

“The skills I learned in Coach School, together with Lorraine’s guidance and mentoring, quickly led to enrolling clients at premium rates”.

At Coach School we are intentionally selective about our students in the Certification course.  The space is incredibly safe and we look for the best of the best to support there.  That is why we ask you to read through the resources on this site.  We find the best Coach School Coaches are those who have done their research and have taken the time to consider a number of questions, this leads to a far more productive discussion when you meet with Lorraine.

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