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How to Choose A Coaching Training Program    

How do you choose a coaching training program? There are so many out there it can be quite overwhelming. Just a quick search will result in a huge range of providers, all claiming to offer something of value. However, becoming a life coach, or succeeding in business, life, or the area that you have chosen to improve will only happen with time and effort from you.

Making the decision to begin a course of quality coach training certification is no small undertaking and requires commitment and planning. It’s likely that you have other responsibilities that take a large portion of your time, such as a day job, other studies, or home life.

Good Life Coaching

Good life coaching is all about helping people attain their goals. Many things need to be taken into consideration before you commit to the course. That’s not to say it cannot be achieved. Anything really is possible with a little thought around the subject.

Likely activities that will need to be scheduled and planned for either one-to-one personal coach training or online sessions are: attending live calls, completing coursework set by your tutor and coaching clients.

We find that our most successful students block off time in their calendar to complete their coursework and attend our Office Hours live calls as a non-negotiable. This creates the space for them to get these activities complete. Don’t let anything stand in the way of you fulfilling your dream! Why would you let things get in the way of your success?

Life Coach Qualifications

Life coach qualifications don’t come easy. A great benefit of the internet and our new global village is that our student coaches have learned how to leverage and maximise time zones to fit their coaching around their other commitments. Many of our students coach clients at the beginning and / or end of their day. This is because they have clients who are based in other parts of the world. Not only does this help them with fitting in their requirements, complete their obligations and provide valuable experience, it also builds their global network and they can accurately describe themselves as International Coaches.

There is no doubt that undertaking a quality coaching certification is a lot of work, so do your due diligence in selecting your provider (check out our blog 10 Questions You Need To Ask Your Coach Training Provider Before You Enroll) and make sure that they have the necessary supports that will fit YOUR circumstances. For example, here at Coach School we believe in rolling enrolment. This means that you can start at any time. We also have no fixed semesters, which means you can never fall behind. We want you to go at your own pace and fit your study around your life, not the other way around. After all, we are training LIFE coaches! It’s vitally important to us that you feel supported and comfortable with the training offered.


We’re here to help you realise your potential and unlock success in your life. Yet it will only come through you. We also recognise that while the majority of our students love that our training is self-paced, that might not be the right fit for you. Why don’t you check out what else our student say makes Coach School so special here.

Best Life Coaching School For You 

The best life coaching schools will operate with you in mind. In turn, you will think how you can best help your own clients. There is so much that can be leveraged to help you. International timezones, internet, planning, scheduling, asking for help. Taking it seriously and doing what is needed as well as a commitment to yourself and your future clients will stand you in good stead to make sure you get what you need done. We will do it together, and you will reap the rewards of your success. Be it life goals, business or simply improving your overall outlook and confidence. Do it better with Coach School.


At Coach School we are intentionally selective about our students in the Certification course.  The space is incredibly safe and we look for the best of the best to support there.  That is why we ask you to read through the resources on this site.  We find the best Coach School Coaches are those who have done their research and have taken the time to consider a number of questions, this leads to a far more productive discussion when you meet with Lorraine.

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