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What Can I Do To Make Money Using My Coach Training?

Your coaching skills will obviously allow you to coach and get paid for your coaching, but they also open a number of other doors.

Many coaches find that their training allows them to teach, mentor and consult in addition to their 1:1 coaching.

Quality coach training will ground you in exceptional communication skills which will allow you to become a great negotiator and trainer. Many coaches offer communication training, or goal setting workshops.

A smart way to make this a success when you are starting out, and don’t necessarily have a large audience yourself, is to offer them to established organisations who have a similar audience to the kind of clients that you want to work with. Many life coaches may approach wellness centres or yoga studios. This means that you only have to make one sale (to the organisation), rather than multiple sales for public workshops.

Offering workshops for organisations are a great way to meet people and potentially find some coaching clients. Look in your local area for organisations you are drawn to; many are always looking for guest speakers.

When I started out, my two daughters were in Kindergarten and I began offering communications skills courses to the staff so that they could extend their children in their care’s learning. This proved to be a great success and childcare centres all over the region also wanted the same training, hiring me at a rate of ~$1500 for a 3 hour workshop.

Coaches are seen by training organisations favourably, and they can often secure daily rates of anywhere from $300 – $3000 per day for delivering training.

If public speaking and training doesn’t float your boat, you might want to consider some more longer term options to leverage your coaching skills.

Group coaching is a great way to leverage your time by coaching many clients at once. This is a great way to increase your hourly rate by being paid by many people for the same block of time. The downside is that you need multiple clients who want to work with you.

Many coaches also create products like books or online courses to leverage their time. These products can also lead to group or private coaching clients. They allow you to demonstrate your skills and approach and your customers may then explore working with you at a deeper level. Books and courses take time to create though, and may be something that you look at once your coaching business is more established.

There are also some other benefits from having your coach training under your belt. Having the powerful communication skills that you will learn will make you a better facilitator and negotiator.

I use my coaching skills all the time when making purchases, interacting with my kids, and generally creating win-win outcomes. In fact, it was my coaching skills that led to a number of promotions in my day job while I built my coaching business on the side.

It pays to think abstractly about the benefits of having coach training in your toolkit.

Coach School is expertly placed to assist you in finding the right strategy for your coaching business. Our students earn-while-they-learn and for good reason. There is a significant mindset shift that has to happen for coaches to charge for their skills, and we want to make sure that our students have our support in that shift. Some of our students have made back their entire training fees before they have completed their certification.

Remember Coach School can help you to ‘earn while you learn’. As one of our students said,

“It would have taken me weeks or months to get the kind of results I am getting in one session now”


At Coach School we are intentionally selective about our students in the Certification course.  The space is incredibly safe and we look for the best of the best to support there.  That is why we ask you to read through the resources on this site.  We find the best Coach School Coaches are those who have done their research and have taken the time to consider a number of questions, this leads to a far more productive discussion when you meet with Lorraine.

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