What Is Life Coaching?

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“If you can make it easier inside your head, then it is easier outside your head” – Richard Bandler

What Is Life Coaching?


Life coaching is like having a Personal Trainer for every aspect of your life; Fun, Adventure, Work,, Creativity, Health & Fitness, Family & Relationships and more can benefit from working with a life coach.

In life coaching the client and coach work in partnership together to get results.


Life coaches assist people to discover what they want in life and unlock their own brilliance to achieve it. – Lorraine Hamilton


Clients often report feeling much more clarity on what they want after coaching, and how to get it.

Coaching is also highly sought after in the workplace as it can increase productivity,reduce staff turnover, and improve relationship skills.


Key benefits of uses a life coach are:

  • Clarity on what’s most important
  • Learning about what makes themselves tick
  • Speed of results


Life coaching helps clients:

  • Clarify what they want
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Monitor progress on their journey
  • Have measure and accountability
  • Stay focused and challenged
  • Identify their values
  • Live better lives

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