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Do you find yourself spending all your time on building mailing lists, working on your sales funnel, learning new software, posting on social media and designing the best website?

And then wonder where are my clients? What am I actually in business to do?

I know I did, until I took the time to revisit what was important to me in my business and I realised that it was working at the highest level to connect with and help my clients, especially my ideal clients.

“But who are my ideal clients?”

One of the most important things that I have learned since I turned my business on its head is that working at your highest level does not always mean helping those who need your help the most.

“Not helping those who need you most?”

Some of my best clients are those who I have done little actively for, because they are already 90% towards their transformation.

  • They are highly motivated
  • They are investing in themselves
  • They are incredibly connected to their vision

So I don’t need to do very much for them. The value of holding space for them is immense though.

Yet we have this conditioning that says for work to be valuable, it has to be hard – not true. I am there to guide these ‘90% clients’ and support them to complete their transformations. Many of them will come to me because I am known for turning everything on its head. Just like the way I transformed my own business.  They have gotten so far, but need my help with the vital 10%.

Be specific about the right clients for you

You can use all the right tools to build your online business, have the best mentors and follow the correct steps to grow your business but unless you are really living and investing in what you want to teach and share with others, there will be a disconnect. It is that disconnect which makes it harder for you to understand the specifics of who you need to work with to get that true transformation for them.

Once you realise this and you are able to truly live the way you want and have clarity in what is important for you in your business, then you will be able to work at your highest level. This will let you discover who your ideal clients are and how you can work with them to maximise their growth. Whilst this may be a mix of different clients, with different needs, your 90% clients can help support and build your business.

90% clients can help build your business

Not only are 90% clients easier for you to work with, they are more likely to be the clients you get the best results from and they will be the clients who will tell their friends and colleagues about you and the great work you are doing together.

Your 90% clients can really help with building a referral rich reputation as they will refer other great clients to you.


Performing at your highest level

So take the time to look inside yourself, realise where you are blocking yourself from performing at the highest level possible for you and make those changes – hint: you will likely find it at the edge of your resistance. Then you can be specific about who your 90% clients are and how best to find them.

Once you do that, you and your business will be transformed.

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